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  • Handschumacher Dining Center
    Map Marker 3210 Chestnut Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • Urban Eatery
    Map Marker 3400 Lancaster Ave.
    Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • Northside Dining Terrace
    Map Marker 203 N 34th Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19104
    Location Food Courts List Local Restaurant Row, Chic... +1 More
  • The Café at the Perelman Center for Jewish Life
    Map Marker 118 N 34th Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • ThirtyOne41
    Map Marker 3141 Chestnut Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • Starbucks®
    Map Marker 3220 Market Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • The Café at HSB
    Map Marker 60 N 36th St
    Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • Pret a Manger
    Map Marker 3400 Lancaster Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • Chick-fil-A®
    Map Marker 203 N 34th Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • Local Restaurant Row
    Map Marker 203 N 34th Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • The Market
    Map Marker 203 N 34th Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19104


  • May 1 8:00 AM Campus Wide

    May Events Calendar 2023

    As Justin Timberlake once said, "It's . . . May!" Mark your calendars for the remainder of spring quarter so you don't miss anything!
  • Jun 2 7:30 AM Urban Eatery

    National Donut Day

    You DONUT want to miss this! Urban is celebrating National Donut Day on June 2nd with a donut wall full of your favorite assorted fried treats! Grab and go from 7:30am-10:30am to see if Dragons run on Donuts. 
  • Jun 4 4:00 PM Urban Eatery

    National Cheese Day

    Say Cheese, Dragons. We're celebrating National Cheese Day with a delicious, gooey Mac and Cheese at Urban Eatery. Melt on over June 4th during dinner from 4-10pm to grab a scoop. 
  • Jun 7 11:00 AM Handschumacher Dining Center

    Choclate Ice Cream Day

    Cool off with Drexel Campus Dining for National Chocolate Ice Cream Day! Beat the heat on June 7th at the Handschumacher Dining Center. Stop in between 11:00am - 2:00pm for hand-scooped chocolate ice cream with an assortment of tasty toppings!
  • Jun 7 1:00 PM Northside Dining Terrace

    Farmer's Market at NDT

    Summer is almost here, Dragons! Drexel Campus Dining is welcoming the warm weather with another Farmer's Market at the Northside Dining Terrace on June 7th! Stop up between 1:00p.m.-3:00p.m. and check out some fresh produce and local vendors! 
  • Jun 12 4:00 PM Urban Eatery

    Breakfast for Finals

    Welcome to finals week, Dragons! Take a study break and enjoy breakfast for dinner at Urban Eatery from 4pm-10pm Monday June 12th
  • Jun 14 10:00 AM Urban Eatery

    Finals Affirmations Board

    We all need a little love and encouragement during finals! While enjoying your brain food, take a minute to write something kind and grab your own inspiration from the Finals Affirmation Board June 14th from 10am-4pm in Urban Eatery. Take an affirmation and leave one behind to store up good luck and vibes for finals week!