Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions concerning dining on campus. If you don't find the answer to your question, please send us an email to Campusdining@drexel.edu and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Meal Plans

Am I required to be on a meal plan?

All first year resident students are required to be on the All Inclusive Plans.

What types of dining plans are available?

Visit our Meal Plan page to view available options. 

What are Dining Dollars?

Dining Dollars are tax free dollars associated with your meal plan that can be used at any dining location. It works just like a debit card as your balance decreases as you use it. $1 Dining Dollar is equal to $1 Dollar.

Do my Dining Dollars rollover?

Dining Dollars roll over if you purchase a meal plan for a consecutive term. For example, if you purchase a 20/$200 plan, the Dining Dollars left over from the Fall Term will roll over to the Winter Term if any meal plan is purchased for the Winter Term. The Winter Term Dining Dollars would rollover to the Spring Term when any meal plan is purchased for the Spring Term. All Dining Dollars would expire at the end of the Spring Term.

Where can I sign up for a meal plan?

First year freshmen and transfer students who are residing on campus can register for a meal plan via their MyHousing Application, accessible in DrexelOne.

How can I find out the daily menu for Handschumacher Dining Center?

The daily menu is available online under the "Menus" tab.

What are meal swipes and what are meal periods and what periods can you use your meal swipes?

Meal swipes come with your first year dining plan. You will either have 20 meal swipes per week or 14 meal swipes per week. A Meal Swipe in the Handschumacher Dining Hall provides you with all you care to eat access. In Urban Eatery your Meal Swipe provides you with a selection of full meals available.

The meal periods for redemption on meal swipes are below:
Breakfast 7:00 am – 10:59 am
Lunch 11:00 am – 3:59 pm
Dinner 4:00 pm – 7:59 pm
*Please note that only one meal swipe can be used during one meal period for all of the Inclusive Plans.

Can I change or cancel my meal plan?

Any meal plan changes and cancellations must occur by the second Friday of the current academic term by visiting your MyHousing application. First year freshman and transfer students residing on campus must be on an All-Inclusive Meal Plan. Meal plan charges for required and voluntary participants are billed to the student's account with the University. Cancellations that are granted after the term begins may have pro-rated charges based on the last day used. Dining Dollar usage and official cancellation date as determined by the University.

How do I keep track of my Dining Dollars? What should I do if my funds run low?

Your Dining Dollars balance is printed on the bottom of your receipt after each purchase. You can also keep track of Dining Dollars via the DrexelOne App, DrexelOne, or the GET Portal.

If your funds are running low and you have a dining plan, you can add Dining Dollars in increments of $50. 
You may sign up for a meal plan online or at the DragonCard Office located in the Creese Student Center (3210 Chestnut Street, Suite 124), phone: (215) 895-6095.
When do meal swipes reset?
Your meal swipes reset every Friday morning before breakfast.

Can I take food out of the Handschumacher?

Yes, ask the front desk for a take-out container, choose the items you want, make sure the lid closes and take your meal on the go!

How will my special dietary needs be accommodated?

Students who require a special diet due to allergies or medical reasons are asked to speak with the Office of Disabilities (215) 895-1401
Our Campus Nutritionist is also available to assist students with any diet-related question or nutritional concern, such as:
• Health and Medical Dietary Needs
• Lifestyle and Religious Dietary Needs
• Food Allergy or Intolerances
• Weight-Control Diets
• Vegetarian and Vegan Diets (a full list of Vegetarian and Vegan items throughout campus)
It is recommended that students make an appointment to meet with the dietitian to arrange for their dietary needs.
Does Drexel Campus Dining keep Kosher?
Drexel Offers a Kosher for Passover plan, which includes dinner for Seder and Kosher lunches and dinners.  The Kosher for Passover plan cannot be canceled after January 19, 2016.* Call the DragonCard Office at (215) 895-6095 for more information.
Resident Students who keep a strict religious diet and would like to request to be released from the required dining plan must contact DragonCard office at (215) 895-6095 prior to the beginning of the term.

Where can I find nutritional information for the food served on campus?

Nutritional information is available online per location by visiting the “Menus” tab and on the Menu section for each location. Drexel Dining follows the National Menu Labeling law.

Are catering services available to students?

Yes, we provide student organizations with an affordable catering service for any event. For more information, visit our catering page.

What do I do if I have a problem, comment or suggestion?

Drexel Dining welcomes your feedback and would love to hear from you! There are several ways you may contact us. Most directly, we encourage you to talk to us. Speak to a supervisor in any of our dining locations, or visit our contact information on the website.

Is there a meal plan for Graduate students?

All of our meal plans are available to Drexel Graduate Students. View the meal plan page for additional information.

Can my meal plan be used during University Holidays and Term Breaks?

Dining Dollars for Meal Plan holders are accepted during University holidays and Term breaks at Drexel Dining locations. Meal swipes and Meal Exchanges are not available during University Holidays and Term Breaks.

What should I do if I lose my DragonCard?

Visit www.drexel.edu/dragoncard and log into the GETPortal with your DrexelOne username and password. Here, you can immediately mark your card as lost so that it is no longer active. You should then visit a DragonCard Office for a replacement card; a fee applies for all replacement cards. For additional information, visit www.drexel.edu/campusservices/dragoncard/faq.

Are there vegan and vegetarian dining options on campus?

Drexel Dining offers a wide range of options for students with specific diets. All of our dining locations offer vegetarian options as well as a variety of vegan options.


Where can I find more info on nutrition?

For more on Nutritional Information and Healthy for Life initiatives, visit our Eat Well section.

Why do I have to create an account in order to check out?

For you, and us, to be able to best track orders, and to be able to contact you in case of a question regarding your order we ask that you create a CampusDish account.

How do I create an account?

Click the "Login" button, and then on the login page click the "create a new account" link.

How do I find more about Nutritional Information?

Use our Comparison Box and Nutritional Calculator to get the most out of your eating decisions. Select products from the Menu section and use one of the options below to get accurate comparisons and information about your choices. 

For more on Nutritional Information and Healthy for Life initiatives, visit our Eat Well section.